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Massive Trauma Team Post Part 3

Total: 64 icons
   9 Other characters
   55 Groups/Misc.


All of us have only one reason to be here: to save lives!Collapse )

Massive Trauma Team Post Part 2

Total: 77 icons
   16 Naomi Kimishima
   14 Gabriel Cunningham
   9 Hank Freebird
   1 Tomoe Tachibana
   37 (spoiler)


I'm not an idiot who'd force a doctor without passion to operate.Collapse )

Massive Trauma Team Post Part 1

Total: 107 icons
   54 CR-S01
   53 Maria Torres


N-No...! My personality has nothing to do--Collapse )

I like my quotes. You can tell here.

Reposts Part 3: Trauma Team

Total: 109 icons
   39 Hank Freebird
   21 Claire Blunt
   18 Other doctors
   3 Misc.
   21 Group
   7 Doctor sprites


Life is wonderful, and I want to pass that on to people!Collapse )